Charles Blackstone reads with John Wesley Harding, Iowa City, IA, October 2013

Charles Blackstone reads with John Wesley Harding, Iowa City, IA, October 2013

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  • Wed

    Drinking with Authors: The Podcast

    7:00 pm
    We always imagine a day when we’re having a drink at our favorite bar, dive, or even eatery and our favorite author comes through the doors. Much to your luck, they sit next to you and conversation ensues! That’s what Drinking With Authors is all about! Join us over drinks to discover the backstory and journey of authors like Tamara Lush, Connie Y Harris, Kenya Wright, Jonathan Maberry, Dan Wells, Jeffe Kennedy, Heather Graham, Charles Blackstone, and so many more. We interview authors all over the spectrum including those who just started their journey with their debut book and those who have scripted some of our favorite television and Netflix shows! Pour yourself a drink, pull up a seat, and join us as we get to know our favorite authors and gain some inspiration for fellow writers and sheer entertainment for fans!
  • Sat

    New York Story Expo 2022

    4:00 pm100 Sutton Film Center, 100 Sutton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
    Novel Jumpstart: Tools To Move Your Novel Forward (Workshop with Charles Blackstone)
  • Thu

    Jill Talbot’s Engl 4160: Lyric Hauntings Class Visit

    12:45 pmUniversity of North Texas
    Norman Maclean ends A River Runs Through It, a novella about being raised along the Blackfoot River in Montana with the words, “I am haunted by waters.” We are all haunted by something—objects we’ve lost, what we did or did not say, did or did not do, memories, people who have gone, suspicions, intuitions, and missed chances. This semester, you’ll read essays about various kinds of hauntings—old addresses on Google maps, the sound of keys dropped onto a table, a J. Crew flannel someone borrowed and never gave back, a mother’s shade of lipstick, a woman in the liquor aisle at Target, an overgrown parking lot where a grocery store used to be, a childhood home, worn spots by the handles on kitchen cabinets, and yes, ghosts.